Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Affiliated with the Intercontinental Church of God and the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association



Welcome to the Toronto Fellowship Group of the Intercontinental Church of God

Toronto City – Located in southern Ontario, Toronto, the 5th largest city in North America, is commonly referred to as the world’s most multicultural city. If you take the time to walk around downtown, and see all that it has to offer, you will see that this is most certainly true. From Little Italy to Greektown, Chinatown to Little India, the Gay Village and the Fashion district, Toronto offers everything you could possibly think of, and then some. Toronto, Huron for 'meeting place' has always been an important trading centre and still loves up to its name today. The 'Megacity' is a melting pot of culture, business and the arts. Torontonians take pride in their diverse city, and celebrate their differences by being respectful of each others cultures and through a multitude of festivals throughout the year.

Unlike many large cities, Toronto is known for its cleanliness. The streets are well maintained and the city cared for. In comparison to other cities, the crime rate is extremely low, making Toronto a safer holiday destination. Torontonians are friendly, happy to help, and most of all; happy to show off the wonderful place they call home. The city is user friendly, utilizing a fantastic public transportation system and making it easy for you to get wherever you want to go at any time of day or night.

If you’re looking for an exciting getaway filled with the world’s most exciting people, a multitude of attractions, sports, a thriving nightlife and amazing shopping, Toronto, Canada is the place for you. Toronto has many faces, from its downtown business district, to its huge inner city parks and quaint neighborhoods and old world architecture. Visit one of the theme parks, or take a day trip to the Toronto Islands. Walk down Queen St. and take in the multitude of artists and street performers. Take the time to explore Toronto, it’s guaranteed something new and exciting will pop up wherever you are. As the province of Ontario’s slogan goes, Toronto really is “yours to discover”.



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Affiliated with the Intercontinental Church of God and the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association