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Lesson 20: Be steadfast, unmovable and always abounding in the Work of the Lord.  Know that your labor is not in vain.

Key verse:  1 Cor 15:58
Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

Leading up to this final verse of chapter 15, Paul is talking about the fact there will be a resurrection.  Some he had encountered believed there was no resurrection.  He wraps up the conversation with instructions which apply to all our true beliefs and not just those of the resurrection.

Be ye steadfast
[Be ye steadfast] hedraioi (NT:1476), from hedra (NT:1476). Seated, sedentary (Robinson); perhaps with an allusion to a statue (Bloomfield); or perhaps to wrestling, and to standing one's ground (Wolf). Whatever may be the allusion, the sense is clear. Be firm, strong, confident in the faith, in view of the truth that you will be raised up. Be not shaken or agitated with the strifes, the temptations, and the cares of life. Be fixed in the faith, and let not the power of sin, or the sophistry of pretended philosophy, or the arts of the enemy of the soul seduce you from the faith of the gospel.  ~Barnes

[Be ye steadfast] Hedraioi (NT:1476), from hedra (NT:1476), a seat; be settled; confide in the truth of this doctrine of the resurrection, and everything that pertains to it, as confidently as a man sits down on a SEAT, which he knows to be solid, firm, and safe; and on which he has often sat. ~Clarke

Note:  Be firm, strong and confident in the faith.  Allow no doubt.
[Unmovable] Firm, fixed, stable, unmoved. This is probably a stronger expression than the former, though meaning substantially the same thing-that we are to be firm and unshaken in our Christian hopes, and in our faith in the gospel. ~Barnes

[Unmovable] Ametakineetoi (NT:277), from a (NT:1), the alpha negative, and metakineoo (NT:3334), to move away; let nothing shake your faith; let nothing move you away from this hope of the Gospel which is given unto you. What I tell you I receive from God; your false teachers cannot say so in a declaration of God you may unshakingly confide. ~Clarke

Note: Remain fixed, stable, unmoved.  For example, be wary of those playing tapes from other churches or from self-professed scholars of prophecy and/or doctrine*

* the only exception to this rule would be non-religious tours of what we call the Bible lands in and around Israel that give commentary regarding places and things mentioned in the Bible.
Always abounding in the work of the Lord
[Always abounding in the work of the Lord] Always engaged in doing the will of God; in promoting his glory, and advancing His kingdom. The phrase means not only to be engaged in this, but to be engaged diligently, laboriously; excelling in this. The "work of the Lord" here means that which the Lord requires; all the appropriate duties of Christians. Paul exhorts them to practice every Christian virtue, and to do all that they could do to further the gospel among people. ~Barnes

[Always abounding in the work of the Lord] The work of the Lord is obedience to His holy word; every believer in Christ is a workman of God. He must not only work, but abound in that work; ever exceeding his former self; and this, not for a time, but always; beginning, continuing, and ending every act of life to God's glory and the good of his fellows. ~Clarke

Note:  This part of the admonition speaks to our Godly Calling as it relates to our focus in the Salvation Process [
overcoming sin, keeping the law, invoking the power of the Holy Spirit in the form of Godly principles, etc.], and our part in the spreading of the gospel message to the world.  We are to do it diligently, laboriously and excelling beyond our last best effort.
Forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain
[Your labour is not in vain] Your labour in the Lord is not in vain; you must not only work, but you must labour-put forth all your strength; and you must work and labour in the Lord-under his direction, and by his influence; for without him ye can do nothing. And this labour cannot be in vain; you shall have a resurrection unto eternal life: not because you have laboured, but because Christ died and gave you grace to be faithful. ~Clarke

Note: We are to know that our labour in the Salvation Process, church and Work are not in vain.  We know this by the unction of the Holy Spirit in us (1 John 2:20) and our immersion in the Word of God.  Because of these two things we KNOW that what we do is true and not in vain.
Lesson 20: Instructions Be steadfast, unmovable and always abounding in the Work of the Lord.  Know that your labor is not in vain.
 1] Be firm, strong and confident in your faith.
 2] Have no kind of doubt.
 3] Remain fixed, stable and unmoved spiritually.
 4] Do not allow outside booklets, papers or tapes to lead you astray or to confuse you.  Do not allow them to be at or played in your local services.
 5] Abound in the Salvation Process, church and Work will all diligence and fervent labor excelling beyond your previous best effort.
 6] Be convinced that all your spiritual work is not in vain.

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