Tributes in Word and Song
Welcome Home!!
Whitney Houston - National Anthem
I'm Proud to be An American - Lee Greenwood
Lee Greenwood Mix
Theme from Patton
Patton March - Jerry Goldsmith
Mariah Carey "Hero" Mix
America, My Beautiful America
Gladiator, American Style 
President Bush Ground Zero Bullhorn Speech
John Wayne - The Pledge of Allegiance
John Wayne - America, Why I Love Her  Video
Red Skelton - The Pledge of Allegiance
John Wayne - America the Good
Why Angie Loves the USA
Waiting for Our Soldiers To Come Home
Story of Taps - John Wayne  
Until We Meet Again
If I Die Before You Wake
The Hummer - a tribute to a fallen son
Hero's Resting Place 
Send a Thank You to a Person in the Service











  Subject cropped from File photo/The Cannoneer/Fort Sill Public Affairs

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